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Brokerage Services

With over 15 years of motor industry experience, Torque SOR is a bespoke brokerage service specially tailored to owners of fine luxury motor cars of all marques.
All too often selling to a dealer is a last resort and the price clearly reflects that, and with private buyers wasting your valuable time.
If you have pursued this avenue and are now seeking a professional approach to selling your car, we may be able to provide an efficient and easy way to market and sell your car to maximise your return. We agree a price to return to you on the sale of the car, based on conditions and extra options. This price would normally be higher than you could get selling the car privately or to a dealer.
We can market your car through our website and the main motoring sites on a Sale Or Return (SOR) basis. All buyers are fully qualified; we can take insured test drives and offer competitive warranty, finance and delivery options to any prospective buyers.

Contact us to discuss the finer details

Benefit to you.

No marketing fee required

No hassle from canvassers or spammers


We do NOT operate from a showroom premises due to the high costs associated with this. We can still offer you main showroom perks, but we prefer to offer our customers a more tailored buying experience - however we keep prices keen as our overheads are much lower.

Based on experience and current trends dictated with the power of the internet, we find the vast majority of people now BUY their cars using the internet
We advertise through popular motor websites, plus we have a very large database of clients who have purchased cars time and again in fact the vast majority of our business is referral and repeat business.





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